Dark side made me do it

Dark side made me do it

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pushing Around Damir

Pushing Around Damir

The last two weeks have been very similar to pushing Damir up the hallway of doom. You start out with a great big push from deep down in your legs, as you hit the kicking shield you feel him pushing back, as you start to move him down the hallway with momentum you start to feel like this is going to be a breeze, then he gets his footing again he starts to push back a little harder, by now you are over half way and you dig even deeper moving your feet one after another, your almost at the end of the hall and he put the brakes on and it like pushing the wall!! But somehow you move the wall forward. Now you are at the end of the hall, he says breather. Just as u start to feel your heart rate start to decrease, he says ok lets go back and you start the whole journey back 60 feet up the hallway again.

My big Push

My big push came from a small 130 pound woman, as you may have read my nutitonal coach has changed, and she is a little spitfire named Kim. Holly laid the foundation of my nutritional eating habits, which I am sure was like pushing a wall. Now Kim is building the frame of the house, which I am sure is like pushing a smaller wall. I say that because I don’t like change. Kim changed everything, everything! Now I eat oatmeal, and like it. In my first week I bought the wrong oatmeal, I went to superstore and bought instant oatmeal, because I only bought instant before and it was the only thing there that said oatmeal. I was supposes to by oats, plain oats. That first week I choked down the instant oatmeal and bitched to Kim I didn’t like it! she figured out I bought the wrong one and fix that. In week 2 I try the oatmeal her way and now I like oatmeal. It tastes so much better! I also eat something different every day. This is new to me as I like to stick to the same stuff because I know it works. Also she now has me cooking my meals one day in advance; this was hard to get used to. I like to cook everything off all day Sunday, she put an end to that, I can prep stuff for the week on a Sunday, but I must make it day to day. I think it is to show me I can live like a normal person. She is doing an amazing job, she checks in on me to make sure I have my eye on the ball; she has kicked my ass when needed. I am very lucky to have Kim in my life!

My Momentum

In the last two weeks I have lost 11 pounds and hit a very big milestone 151 pounds down. This is a big mile stone for many reasons. When I started my journey I always said stuff like this is going to take forever, I need to lose 300lbs. Well as of Friday I have passed the half way point. I am now 369lbs. When I lose 15 more I will be at the same weight I was at when I married Jennifer the first wife.

Pushing the Wall

Tomorrow i will be walking into a different fitness center, this is very scary ....... here is hoping i can move the wall forward.

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