Dark side made me do it

Dark side made me do it

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Out of Place

Out of place

Out of place is the best way to describe how I feel is week. I started my week retraining at a different Wal-Mart, 3650. Now I have been with Wal-Mart for 19 years on Friday, so I know more than a few people who work at the 3650. Most of them have not seen me in many years, so it was 3 days of bumping into people who only know 520lb Brian. You would think this would be an experience of how do you like me now, and pride about my weight loss journey. That is not how my brain works, I feel uncomfortable in about the whole thing, mostly because I am still process things like a very big person and I am embarrassed that I was ever 520lbs. I know I should feel proud of my accomplishment. So at work I was out of place in the beginning of the week

Monday’s workout was the closest to being back in my happy place. It was running suicides on the “Hill of Hell” with Damir’s Triple Threat Boot camp. Yes an hour of running, walking, running, puking, walking ... not stopping was the closest to feeling in my happy place. It is official I am very crazy, but I am ok with that. I would say that the “hill of hell” was easier to do this time I am a lot stronger. It also helps to do the hill with a group of great friends, who were very motivating. It was a blast.

Tuesday’s training session was at another new gym, 2110 fitness. Just like last week it was intimidating walking into a new place again. Kim again talked me through the doors. As I walked in I notice the Empowerment big black MMA dummy, so I knew it was going to be an awesome workout. Also it was nice to see some familiar faces from Alive there, Joel and Nadia were there which made it seem easier to walk in there. As Ryan and I began our session you could tell Damir was very comfortable there. He just kicked the shit out of us. It was a workout that went by very fast as he did not give you time to think or breathe. It was an awesome Session!!!

Wednesday’s kickboxing boot camp was held at 2110 fitness, it was a great class. Damir put me with Sandra, who was an awesome partner. She pushed me very hard. It was also great we had a great time together, we laughed almost the whole time, and it was a great class. We sweated our asses off.

Thursday’s workout was a little lower key as we did weight training, it was good.

Friday I had one of those days where things were again out of place at work. We received a truck full of heavy steel fixtures for the store. They were put on the truck with a forklift; some were on skids some were not. There was a point when we became stuck trying to figure out how to pull one of the heavy bundles out of a very tight spot. You could not get behind it to push it out, I could wiggle it a little from side to side, but it would not work pulling it out that way. As a few people were outside the truck on the dock trying to figure out how we were going to move it, as I looked at it I thought it can’t weigh much more than Damir so, I grabbed a tie down strap and made two handle, wrapped the handles around the middle part of the bundle. The co worker that was on the truck with me said “that's not going to work....you are going to hurt yourself.” I smiled and walked back three steppes and looked at him and said" watch this!" I squatted just as I have done hundreds of times with Damir as I came up I yanked and it move a few feet towards me, I stepped back three more steps and squatted again and yanked as I came up and it move even further. The guys outside the truck ran in to see how I did it; I think those 20 year olds were amazed I was able to move it. Also it was great that I was able to keep up with the 20 year olds lifting and pulling the 2 hours it took to get everything off the truck.

Friday night I did Damir’s Triple Threat Boot camp, it was a good class, and we were at Results fitness again and Damir made a very intense circuit, it was awesome!!

This week It was very hard, I miss all the Smiling face from Alive, that place has been such an important place in my life, and a very big part of my support team. Yes I am able to see some of my fellow Alive members in passing and at boot camp, but it is not the same. I hope they are all doing well!! This week I was able to lose 3 pounds, not bad for a week of feeling very out of place.

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