Dark side made me do it

Dark side made me do it

Sunday, August 28, 2011

“Climbing the Web”

This week has been a week of pushing out of my comfort zone, learning more about me, and regaining my confidence back. It has been a good week controlling my diet, working my body and pushing past what I thought was my limits.

My week started with a good meeting with Kim to review my food log and talk about the next phase in my food plan. After my meeting with Kim, I went back to Sandra and Lara’s and Sandra cut my hair. This was the first step in regaining my confidence. She did and awesome job and after my haircut I started to feel good again. After that we went swimming, I have never felt comfortable being in public with my shirt off. But on Sunday I did and I felt ok with it. In fact I was very comfortable that I even forgot that I don’t like getting in to the deep water diving tank because the last time I did I need two people to help me get out of the tank. So it hit me about 20 minutes after I was in the tank how am I going to get out. Sandra said “you will be fine pulling yourself out of the pool” and she was right it was easy. It was a fun day.

Monday boot camp was brutal, Damir had us doing Tabata, in a circuit. It was hard. I started with bicep curls, my arms were so sore after that station. As I did each station on the circuit, I gave it my all. By the time I was done my arms felt like Jelly.

Tuesday I arrived at 2110 Fitness early and jump on a Hamster wheel. As I was warming up on the Hamster wheel, I remembered that in my meeting with Kim on Sunday I said to her that I wonder if I could run on the Hamster wheel at a 5. After about 20mins of power walking I decided that I am going to give it a shot. So When Kim arrived and jumped on the Hamster wheel beside me I ask her “if I run at 5 for 1 minute that would count as being able to run at 5.” She agreed. So I turned it up slowly. I got to 4.7, got scared and ran the minute at 4.7. Then I turned it down and walk for a 2 minutes. Then I tried again. This time I got it to 5 and I ran for the minute, but kept going to 1 minute and 15 seconds then I hopped off. I turned to Kim and said “I have not been pushing myself hard enough!” She smiled and said “Clearly!!”

So going into my session With Damir I was Excited to share my news, Ryan was running a few minutes late, so Damir and I started without him. Going with the theme of my triumph on the hamster wheel, we started with Dirty Burpees. As I started Damir Said “No stopping! You will do 10 in a row, hopping on all of them!” It was tough but I pushed and did it. Every Set in that session he push me to go beyond and push past my limit or what I thought was my limit. It was an awesome session!!

Wednesday’s Boot camp was a high Cardio! It was so intense. We start at 6:30 on the Spin Bike, after the spin bike he threw everything at us. Push up, burpees; step up, rockstars ... it went on and on and on. We did not stop to break until 7:00pm. It was crazy!! Then we started all over again. Just like in my session on Tuesday he did not let up, he called me out almost every time I tried to stop and catch my breath. I felt bad for my boot camp Buddy Kat Jacob, we were workout almost on top of one another and it was such a hard class I was swearing, and farting all through. But we rocked it!! I really love that Boot camp class I hope we do it again real soon!!

Thursday I did Cardio.

Friday was a very awesome day I reached a goal I have had for a very long time. When I was at alive, Mondays I did 2 hours of cardio on the hamster wheel, while I did that there was always a class going on in the studio right beside the hamster wheel. Kate’s class, it always looked extremely hard. I thought wow she is crazy like Damir; I totally want to try that class when I am in better shape. She was the Sub instructor of Damir’s Boot Camp on Friday. It was as crazy as I thought I would be. I knew we were in trouble after our warm up when the first Exercise was 2 minutes of burpees. It was awesome! Later she took 2 exercises that I find very difficult and put them together. 1 I just became able to do, spider planks, and the other was mountain Climbers. It was brutal, but proud to say it did every set of them. It was so good I feel it needs a great name so I am calling that exercise “Climbing the Web”! It was an awesome Class!

All around it was an awesome week. I got my confidence back, push myself on the hamster wheel way out of my comfort zone and met some awesome goals! Wow it was a great Week!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

extremely intense

This has been a hard month; my confidence has not been there. I have had a lot of head issues; I have been on this journey a long time, in my head I am not where I want to be weight wise and fitness wise. It maybe from the fact that I still see myself as being too fat to do things I want to do. Which that is mostly just in my head. An example of that was in Thursday’s session I asked Damir if I Did something wrong in the last set as I felt it went faster for me then when Ryan did it, so I must have made an error. He turned the next set into a race. Ryan went very fast on this round, finished it in 3mins 25 seconds. I thought ok well I am not going to beat that time, no way. Damir Said “get that out of your head, you just need to do the rockstar pushups better and you can beat his time.” As I started Damir was down on the green fake grass matting with me, as I did them he said “get it out of your head you need to stop and catch your breath at the bottom of the push up! You don’t!!” I finished the Rockstar pushups with lots of time to finish the Alternate cleans with the Kettle bells to beat the time. Which I did I finished at 3min 15 seconds.

Since the beginning of my journey I have heard Kim Talk about how she loves the kettle bells, how awesome swinging them is. Ryan has also said how awesome it is. Now I have always wanted to swing them, but because of my apron that just was not possible to do it right. A few week ago Damir and I tried to do them again and I could now physically do them, just had to work on my form. So after doing them at 2110 and in boot camp and still not feeling like I was getting it, I review the videos that I made of boot camp. I study how smooth it is suppose to look and I am happy to say on Thursday I was able to do 20 in a row correctly without stopping and it felt pretty smooth.

I have always have had great training sessions with Damir, they have changed into extremely intense hours. Since Damir has settled into 2110 Fitness he keeps raising the bar. I used to say Thursdays workouts were my last chance workout, like on the biggest loser. Thursday’s were always crazy. Now the equipment at 2110 is so awesome, Damir is like a kid in a Candy store, I sweat my ass off right from the start. Now every session seems to be like the old Thursdays workout but more and more intense. When I am on the bus headed to 2110 I start to get very excited, not knowing what he is going to have us do. Will there be The Big ass Tire or the weight sled in today’s workout. The place has made our training session extremely intense; it has become my favourite two hours out of the week. I used to start out cold, not warming up before our sessions; I can no longer do that. I get to 2110 and I hop on a treadmill to get my heart going because I am sure we are going to start out with a bang.

Boot camp has also been awesome in last month. Damir has turned into the guy from the DQ commercials. In Boot camp we just don’t do jumping jacks.... we do squatting jumping jacks.........or ......we don’t just do burpees........... We do dirty burpees..... or..... we just don’t do pushups .......We do rock star pushups. So it has been very crazy there as well. There were a few days where the only part of my body that did not hurt was my nose. The best was this week when we ran the “hill of Hell” we didn’t just run up and down the “hill of hell”.... We zigg zagged from the "Hill of Hell” to Macleod trail. It was awesome!!

Food as always has been a struggle in the last month. I have made a few poor choices, a few weeks ago I worked late and the store Manger bought pizza for everyone. I normally pass on the free food at work, as I am on a plan and I try to stick to it. But the smell was amazing so I caved and I had a piece. It tasted so good, so I had a second piece. That was not the right thing to do, now it seems all I wanted to do is cheat and have something bad. This week Kim has given me a new plan and I am doing much better. I really like it. I have also change my lock screen on my Iphone to a photo of a quote on the wall of Damir Studio. It is helping keep me grounded and on track.

I am looking forward to next week!!!