Dark side made me do it

Dark side made me do it

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Burpees Baby!!

There have been many milestones in my journey, tonight I reached a very big one. In Wednesday night’s boot camp Damir set up circuit training at the top of the “winding hill of doom”. In the circuit Damir put out a ladder, now I usually step and squat up each rung of the ladder which I did the first time through. On my second time through I was doing the station before the ladder, Kim was doing the ladder and I was watching how she did it, she was hopping and squatting up the ladder. I thought I think I can do that. Just as I was about to try, my partner came up the hill and tagged me out of the circuit to do the hill. As I did the hill I was so excited to try and hop up the ladder. Of course when I got to the top my partner was nowhere near the ladder. As I did the circuit I decided I was just going to do it and not ask Damir if I should try. Finally I was at the ladder and I hopped into the first rung. Wow I can do it I continued up the ladder and Damir said something, not sure what it was so I just went back to the old way. That is when I heard Damir “you can’t continue hopping, hop but squat when you land!” so I started to do what he asked and I could do it!! I glanced over at Damir while I did that last one; he had that big ass smile on his face he gets when I reach a milestone. Hopping was a milestone, but not the biggest one I reached this week.

Tonight on the way to 2110 Fitness for my session, it hit me if I can hop maybe I can do burpees without the modification. So after Damir showed Ryan and I what the first part of today’s session was I asked “do you think I can do real burpees now that I can hop” he just smile and said “try it now” . I dropped down and hopped my feet back and hopped forward then popped up. .... I did it!!! Now he was very excited, his smile was huge, this was a very big moment. You could tell he was thinking where he was putting in the burpees into our workout. So later in our session we were tossing the Big Ass Tire and Damir say Burpees with that big ass Smile. So we stop with the tire and started burpees, I was about eight or nine in when Damir leaned in and said “how are your legs, it much harder on the legs with the hopping” wow he was correct about that they just were burning. Although it was hard and brutal, I must have had the biggest smile on my face.

Another great example of my new favourite quote “success is not a goal, it’s a by-product” This was the milestone we have been striving for, see great workout in my future lots and lots of burpees!

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