Dark side made me do it

Dark side made me do it

Saturday, September 25, 2010



The last few weeks I have learned more about myself and my weight loss journey then I have the in a long time. The first big thing that became clear to me is there are signs that my life style has completely changed. The biggest was how I now deal with stress. The last few weeks my stress level has been very high, from all aspects of my life. I dealt with the stress by diving into exercise, pushing hard on the hamster wheel and I did a few extra circuit training workouts on my own. I would love to say that I made it through the stress without turning to food but that would be a lie. I had a few weak moments, had some chocolate and 2 snack size bags of chips, however I did not binge. In fact there was a week there where my exercise log was at 12.5 hours. Turning to exercise to help with my stress was an awesome feeling.

The second big sign that my lifestyle has changed is that I can do allot more than I think I can. In the last week Damir has pushed me very hard! This week workouts have been an eye opener, the first thing that stands out is the amount of squats I did, the heavy weights I lifted, doing and enjoying Ben’s boot camp, going from lying on the ground to standing up using the TRX in Ben’s boot camp and that I ran on the treadmill at the highest setting I have ever done. So many big moments this week it was awesome.

Moving on, this week the biggest loser started and, I had a much different time watching the season premiere this year. It went like this right from the start, when they weighed in the guy would step on the scale and his weight would be 460 or so and I would think in my head I wish I was 460 and then a few minutes later it would hit me wait a sec I am much smaller than that. We would watch some more, and then some else would weigh in around 430 and I would again think I wish was I 430 then again a few minutes later it would hit me wait a sec I am much smaller than that. This is the first time I watched the season premiere and I was smaller the most of the guys in the ranch.

As I did break a few rules from my pledge so I will have to start limiting down the number of Coke Zero I have in a day, so I can attempt to go a month without it. Also I have done a few sets of burpees for negative self talk. I am going to reboot my pledge on Monday and going to give it all I can to try and make it to November following it.

Very soon I will be saying good bye to the 400’s and Next time I check in hopefully I will be in the 300’s! It is going to be an awesome few weeks coming up!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The pledge

The pledge

It has been a tough couple of months although I have lost weight; I have not yet broke 400lbs. Also I have been just getting by staying on my food plan. So I am looking to make a change. Holly has inspired me, by going so long without sugar. I need to challenge myself to do better! So I think I need to pledge make a change and step it up a bit. So this is what I am going to do.

The rules

1. I will only eat Holly and Damir approved food for 60 days. From September 07 to November 07 (with only 2 exception I will continue to drink Coke Zero and on Sunday I can have 4 pieces of bacon.)

2. I will keep my food log up to date 100% of the time. Anyone at anytime can ask to see it, if it is not up to date I will have to do 15 burpees right there. So if I put it in my mouth I must log it. (Kristy, Meghan, Jen and Kim get your mind out of the gutter)

3. No Negative self talk! One of my biggest issues is negative self talk. If I am caught doing negative self talk I must do 15 burpees

4. I must do 5 hours of Cardio on top of my training and Classes a week.

If I break the first rule I will give up coke zero of a month, and I am sure Damir will have a fitness consequence. Damir and Holly may add or change any of the rules if they see fit.

I am 9 pounds from breaking 400lbs and 49 lbs from my Christmas goal. It may have taken me a year to lose the first 100lbs it will not take me a year to lose the second 100. Time for me to stand up and finish what I have started!