Dark side made me do it

Dark side made me do it

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the other shoe

the other shoe

It has been a tough week, I sometimes talk about my fear of the other shoe dropping, well this week it did. Tuesday’s session I was finally settling into 2110 Fitness, Damir was seriously kicking Ryan and I’s ass. I was doing well with the food thing; life was starting to feel normal again. That’s when the other shoe dropped!!

Wednesday I was just cleaning up at the end of my shift when I lost my footing and fell, twisting my ankle like the top of a bottle, falling hard to the cement floor. I am sure the on my way down I tighten up my core, like I do at the gym, and just like every other time I have fallen I use my hand and forearm to stop the fall. It was the hardest impact I think I have ever had. While I was on the ground I was thinking ok this is not that bad I will lay here a bit, and catch my breath. Then I started to try and get up, and I was in extreme pain. As I lied there I was thinking shit I am not going to be able to go to kickboxing boot camp for sure. As my co workers rallied around me to try and help me up, that is when the worst case pop in my head, I broke a bone in my ankle & I won’t be able to train for months. After getting in a cab, headed to the Doctor I started to feel a lot of pain in my left hand. So as a half empty glass kind of guy that I am. I really start to panic if my foot is broken and my hand is broken how I will get around.

After many , many, many hours at the doctor I found out my foot is not broken, just sprained and my wrist may have a broken bone in it that does not show up on an x-ray for ten days, so I need to wear a splint for the 10 days.

So his means no training or boot camp for awhile. No exercise sucks, last year about this time I had to take time off from training for illness, I climbed the walls at home. It has been 5 days and I am already climbing the walls. My support team is being very positive, I was not so positive. I know I am not in a race, when it comes to my weight loss. But I am so tired of this fat suit I wear every day, the sooner it comes off the better. I first saw this as a setback. Now I am thinking it time to put my eating habits to the test.

Now I wanted to skip the whole weighing in thing this week! Kim was not to keen on that, so I stepped on the scale and I was up 2 pounds. I started to freak out! Last time I gained Damir said there would be consequences to a weight gain. Damir is a no excuses kind of guy so I thought for sure I am up the creek.

Kim calmed me down, and I texted Damir, who as could tell from my text I was upset. He calmed me down. Reminded me everything happens for a reason, and I will come out of this strong then I was before. Now I don’t know about that!

Kim has decided this is a great time to work harder on my body and my food so Tuesday I am starting some sort of cleanse thing, i used to make fun of that shit.... now i have to do it. Of course I Googled it and I must say I had a good laugh and thought why am I going to do this again.... that’s when I remembered that I said I would do whatever Kim and Damir wanted. They both seem excited for me to do it. So I guess after this week I can’t make fun of people who do Cleanses anymore...

This week my plan is to stay standing tall and I hope to be at the very least to be back on the hamster wheel before Friday.

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