Dark side made me do it

Dark side made me do it

Monday, December 21, 2009

Boy, this Christmas thing SUCKS!

Boy, this Christmas thing SUCKS!

Sometimes it is easy to get though the day controlling my Food Addiction, but this Christmas thing is much harder than I thought. Back in November I made a commitment to not gain any weight over the holidays. Well now I know that is not something I can do. I forgot something very important, my brain is different than most peoples, and some can only have one cookie and stop when they had just a little treat. Mine does not work that way, cookie leads to two, and then I start thinking well if I had two, two more won’t hurt. Later when I am alone I think well I have already had Cookies so why not have a few chips. So I eat a small bag of chips......then a large bag and then Ice cream twice!...... I totally lost control. I don’t understand why my brain works this way, I know what I am eating is wrong (when I am doing it) yet I just can stop. So now the weekend is over and I am going to step back on that scale tomorrow & I know from what I ate there will be a gain. Now Christmas has not even happened yet and I have already can feel there will be a gain.

So here is my Plan for This Week.

· No guilt, I am human ....most likely there will be some mistakes.

· I will be accountable.....if I eat it I will log it.

· Days that I am not at Alive I will walk on the treadmill at home for at least 30mins

· I will be honest with myself and my support ( Damir, Holly and Kristy)

· I will not eat because I am upset or board

· I will have fun with Family & friends

· Last I am going to eat birthday cake on my birthday

I can do this!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

OH you are so busted!

The other day I was running behind to get to my training session, while waiting out front of Wal-Mart I had a few handfuls of Munchies. Thinking a few would not be all that bad I am sure I will work it off by the end of my session. So I arrived late to my session and hurried into alive. Of course my Trainer Damir was standing up front by desk waiting for me. As I can in he said “slow down we will just do a half hour instead of an hour.” So I unzipped my jacket and a Cheesy fell to the ground, I Pretended it did not happen and hung up my jacket. That’s when it happen Damir looked at me and said “Why the hell is there a Cheesy falling out of your jacket! That is not what you are supposed to be eating” “oh you are so busted!” Said Sam from behind the desk. Now I know that some would say Damir would let that go, but my workouts this week seem Very Very intense. Now that could be because the Holliday’s are coming, but I think it is that dam Cheesy haunting me.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How I started on my Journey

Every Tuesday I would tune in to watch the Biggest Loser, Say to myself these people are the luckiest people in the world. They have won the lottery, there going to the ranch/campus to begin a new like. Then It happen at the beginning of the last season,

Jillian & Bob started the show with an ass kicking for there viewers, Instilling you can do this at home! Urging us to put down that ice-cream we were eating as we watched the contestants loss weight! The Dimmer Switch in my head began to turn, not very far but it started to turn. Every week I would watch, them lose the weight, crying at the end of each show. Not because they did well nope, I was a very jealous of the fact they are getting a second chance. In the season finale last year Jerry the guy who went home first won the at home contest. So my awesome wife said enough we can do this, lets get a trainer and see what happens.

Now we have done every diet out there, so at first I was not very confident this was going work. I bought a membership to a gym in the past, went once, felt very uncomfortable and I then I would quit. Again my Awesome Wife talked to a few people & my brother in-law suggested trying out where he went and use his trainer. A little personal training Studio called Alive. I began on June 3 weighting 520 pounds, 6 months later I have lost 65 pounds & it has been the best 65 pounds I ever lost, because I know that it is gone for good as I worked very hard to lose those 65 pounds. I feel the Dimmer switch in my head has now turned a lot. I used to think exercising is the hardest part of weight loss, I was wrong that is the easy part. The hard part is eating and the food. There is more to it then just eating a lot of veggies!

It is very sad to think that I wasted all those years, thinking it can’t be done. Now I know it can be, the biggest loser may have got me to start my Journey, but it is the hard work of My Trainer, My Life Coach, My Wife and I that will help me reach my goal.